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Embedded Systems and IoT Training in Chennai from basics to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals. India's Top Rated corporate Training Institute in Chennai offers realtime practical Internet of Things Training. Our trainings are 100% job assured.

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is simply "A network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data." It is commonly abbreviated as IoT.

The word "Internet of Things" has two main parts; Internet being the backbone of connectivity, and Things meaning objects / devices .

In a simple way to put it, You have "things" that sense and collect data and send it to the internet. This data can be accessible by other "things" too.

Internet of Things (IoT) Training Course Content

  • Covers IoT from basics to Advanced
  • IoT from the Ground Up Using Arduino
  • Powering IoT Using the Raspberry Pi
  • Covers the IoT Ecosystem
  • In-depth understanding of Hardware Interfaces
  • Industry Relevant use cases

Artificial Intelligence

In this course, you will learn about simulating human intelligence processes in machines, properly representing knowledge for reasoning and NLP, Social Intelligence, motion and manipulation according to situations.

AI is continuously advancing at a rapid rate as companies are discovering new ways to reap the benefits of this technology to automate processes, increase productivity, and reduce cost.

Course Objective:

  • Master the various concepts in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn how Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in AI and ML algorithms.
  • Application Support
  • Technical Support
  • Networking


In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Python, learn how Python works and how that knowledge helps you to improve your ability in debugging problems. Whether you’re interested in writing scripting code, code involving complex mathematical calculations or even web programming (django, Zope, Google App Engine), you’ll be able to accomplish all of this and more with Python.

Course Objectives

  • Familiarize with writing of algorithms, fundamentals of python and philosophy of problem solving. Implement different programming constructs and decomposition of problems into functions.
  • Use and implement data structures like arrays and structures to obtain solutions.
  • Define and use of pointers with simple applications.
  • Understand Django framework

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning with python & Machine Learning with R Training aims to teach the complete Data Warehousing Concepts in an easier way. Machine Learning using R and Machine Learning using Python programming We are the Best Machine Learning with r and Machine Learning with Python Training Institute in Chennai in-terms of a syllabus and expert teaching. We are covering almost all the transformations which are required for companies in Informatica.

Course Objectives

  • Detailed instructor led sessions to help you become a proficient Expert in Machine Learning.
  • Build a Machine Learning professional portfolio by working on hands on assignments and projects.
  • Application Support
  • Personalised mentorship from professionals working in leading companies.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable Machine Learning course materials, interview questions and project resources.
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